Gerd Hinrich Fencker1

ID# 14522, (1764 - 1816)
FatherGerd Friedrich Fennekers1 (Mar 1735 - 14 Jul 1804)
MotherAnna Dorothea Fennekers1 (Sep 1734 - 18 Mar 1797)

Key Events:

Birth: 25 May 1764, No. 58, Brockum, Electorate of Hanover1,2
Marriage: 9 Mar 1796, Wehdem, Prince-Bishopric of Minden, Anne Margarethe Charlotte Tiemann (17 May 1760 - 26 Jan 1820)2
Death: 1 Mar 1816, Brockum, Kingdom of Hanover2
AncestryThe Fenker Family

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     Gerd Hinrich Fencker was born on 25 May 1764 in No. 58, Brockum, Electorate of Hanover.1,2 He and his twin sister Marie were baptized on 26 May 1764 in Evangelische Lutherische Kirche, Brockum, Electorate of Hanover, with Harm Gerd Hinrich Frerking and Marie Adelh. Fennckers as godparents.1 He was confirmed in 1779 in Evangelische Lutherische Kirche, Brockum, Electorate of Hanover.3
     Gerd was a soldier in the Hannoverian army until his marriage.4
     Gerd married Anne Margarethe Charlotte Tiemann, daughter of Johann Hermann Piper and Catharine Elisabeth Tiemann, on 9 Mar 1796 in Wehdem, Prince-Bishopric of Minden.2
     Gerd inherited the family farm, No. 58, Brockum, but by the early 1800s he no longer held it. It had
been purchased or taken over by the Frerking family. By the time of his death, he was a landless swineherd and night-watchman.4
     Gerd died on 1 Mar 1816 in Brockum, Kingdom of Hanover, at age 51.2

     Children with Anne Margarethe Charlotte Tiemann:

  • Marie Elisabeth Fencker5 (19 Jul 1798 - 12 May 1869)
  • Marie Henriette Fencker5 (11 Aug 1801 - 18 Oct 1802)
  • Hermann Heinrich Fencker5 (14 Nov 1808 - 18 Oct 1802)


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