Terry & Nancy's Ancestors - Fenker Ancstors in Brockum
The chart below displays most of the known ancestors of Herman Hinrich, who founded the Brockum No. 100 farm about 1800. His paternal ancestors, in the upper part of the chart, are his "Fenker" ancestors from the Brockum No. 58 farm and their spouses. His maternal ancestors, in the lower part of the chart, are his "Fenker" ancestors from the Brockum No. 83 farm and their spouses.

The "Fenker" lines from the two farms are marked on the chart with these background colors:

Brockum No. 58 ancestors
Brockum No. 83 ancestors


Note that "Fenker" surname does not appear along the male lines as we would expect today, because during this period surnames as we know them were not generally used. Rather, the name of the farm on which one lived was used as we would use surnames. The farms were generally inherited by a son of the prior holder, but in some cases they were inherited by a daughter, and her husband and their children then took on the name of her farm. The chart includes a number of examples of this.

The names in color in the chart are links to the narratives of that person. We did not have enough information about those whose names are in black to merit narratives for them.

Heinrich Bruggemann
(abt 1605 - )
Cord Ahlert
(abt 1640 - bef 1730)
Margarethe Ahlert
(abt 1605 - )
Cord Heinrich Ahlert
(3-Jun-1671 - 9-Mar-1725)
Lüdeke Bosse
(abt 1598 - 25-Aug-1678)
Margarethe Bosse
(abt 1640 - 9-Apr-1681)
Margarethe Göker
(abt 1603 - 22-Aug-1678)
Arnd Heinrich Marlmann
(16-Dec-1702 - 14-Jan-1759)
Rolf Fette
(abt 1620 - 3-Dec-1696)
Johann Fette
(abt 1646 - abt 1676)
Margarethe Willer
(abt 1620 - 9-Nov-1693)
Margarethe Elisabeth Marlmann
(19-May-1672 - )
Anne Marie Meyer
(abt 1645 - )
Gerd Friedrich Fennekers
(Mar-1735 - 14-Jul-1804)
Albert Fencker
(abt 1645 - bef 1706)
Johann Christoph Dietrich Fenncker
(abt 1676 - 22-Jul-1739)
unknown [surname unknown]
(abt 1645 - abt 1686)
Anna Dorothea Fennckers
(Jan-1711 - 5-Jul-1778)
Engelke [surname unknown]
Anne Marie Kükelhan
(16-Dec-1667 - )
Anne Catharine Kükelhan
Hermann Hinrich Fenncker
(24-Jun-1772 - 30-Mar-1838)
Cord Schäfer
(abt 1610 - abt 1644)
Heidenreich Spreen
(abt 1640 - 26-Apr-1720)
Catharine Spreen
(abt 1610 - bef 1680)
Claus Heinrich Spreen
(abt 1677 - Dec-1714)
Anne Lampe
(abt 1645 - 25-Jan-1715)
Johann Hinrich Fennekers
(abt 1704 - 25-Aug-1764)
Heinrich Treddemeyer
(abt 1650 - bef 1712)
Engel Margarethe Fenckers
(abt 1675 - 3-Apr-1733)
Heinrich Eikhof
(abt 1630 - )
Catharine Ilsabein Fenckers
(abt 1655 - abt Oct-1691)
Beke Fenckers
(abt 1630 - )
Anna Dorothea Fennekers
(Sep-1734 - 18-Mar-1797)
Johann Philip Fedeler
(abt 1670 - 23-Mar-1745)
Marie Dorothea Frerking
(11-Jan-1705 - 30-Jul-1759)
Claus Behring
(abt 1645 - aft 1709)
Anne Sophie Elisabeth Frerking
(abt 1676 - 10-Feb-1712)
Christine Alheit Frerking
(abt 1645 - abt 1687)