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Records of the Cobbs of
and Their Associates

The sections listed below contain extracts for the original town records, in all cases focusing on the family and associates of Gideon Cobb (1718-1798) and his sons John, Elkanah, Ebenezer, and Joshua, and of Jonathan Willard, principal grantee of the town of Pawlet and father-in-law of Elkanah Cobb. I have attempted to find every record of each type searched for this family, though no doubt some were missed.

Selected records of some associates are included, and many other individuals are mentioned when they were part of transactions involving the Cobbs, but the records for those individuals are by no means complete.

Many names are spelled as best I could discern them from the original records, and in many cases are no doubt in error. I have scanned images of all of the records listed, and would be happy to consult them, or furnish copies, to clarify any questions.

Land Records

Town of Pawlet

Cobb Deeds

Covers the period from the arrival of the Cobbs in that town in the mid 1770s until they removed elsewhere.

Jonathan Willard Deeds

Covers the period from the chartering of the town in 1662 until his death in 1804. Also includes his deeds in Pownal, Danby, and Harwich (now Mt. Tabor)

Town of Fair Haven

Lyon & Galusha Deeds

Covers the period from late 1790s until Matthew Lyon and company removed to Kentucky in 1800.

Town of Wells

Cobb Deeds
Covers the period from the arrival of the Cobbs in that town in the mid 1790s until they removed elsewhere.


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