William Cobb1,2,3

ID# 2227, (1742 - 1792)
FatherGideon Cobb1,4 (8 Jul 1718 - 25 Jul 1798)
MotherAbigail Dyer1,4 (10 Apr 1718 - 10 Jan 1808)

Key Events:

Birth: 21 Oct 1742, Norwich, Connecticut1,3
Marriage: 22 Dec 1768, Windham, Connecticut, Huldah Norton5,6
Death: 1792, New York, New York7,8
ChartsDescendants of Gideon Cobb
AncestryThe Cobbs of Pawlet, Vermont

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     William Cobb was born on 21 Oct 1742 in Norwich, Connecticut.1,3 He was baptized on 13 Nov 1743 in First Congregational Church, Norwich, New London Co., Connecticut.9
     William married Huldah Norton, daughter of William Norton and Sarah [surname unknown], on 22 Dec 1768 in Windham, Connecticut.5,6 The following notice appeared in the 3 Feb 1769 issue of the New London, Connecticut, dated in Windham, 14 Dec 1769 New-London Gazette:
Know ye, that I John Holliday of North Carolina, on or about the first day of November last past, did utter and publish certain false, scandalous and defamatory words and report, of and concerning the character and reputation of William Cobb of Norwich, in the county of New-London, and one Hannah Rust, of said Carolina; which reports were greatly to the detriment and disrepute of the said William, as alleged and set forth in a lawful writ of attachment, in the name of the said William Cobb, against said John Holliday…
Now know ye, that I the said John Holliday, do publicly confess and declare, that I spread and published said false and scandalous reports, without the least foundation but what arose from the envious and malicious temper and disposition of my heart, against the character and good name of the said William Cobb, and that I had not the least reason or occasion to utter and publish said scandalous and false reports; and herby freely acknowledge my iniquity and wickedness therein–ask the forgiveness of said William–and solemnly promise to do my endeavour not to be guilty of so great an injury to the character and reputation of said William, or any of his Majesty's good subjects for time to come.
The notice also states that the legal action asks for money damages, and that Holliday was to appear in court on the fourth Tuesday in February to answer the charges. Sadly, no other details of the scandalous remarks, nor of the ultimate outcome of the suit, have been found.10

Moving to the Frontier on the Upper Hudson --- Text Stolen from ReigelRidge.com !! ---

     William and Mary and his four brothers, John, Elkanah, Ebenezer and Joshua, moved from Connecticut to the settlement of Stillwater, on the Hudson River in the Saratoga Patent in the Saratoga Tax District of Albany Co., New York. We know that Elkanah was there by 1773 and that Ebenezer and Joshua evidently were there before 1777. For William we know only that he was there in 1779 when he appears on tax lists.11,12,13 (See background and map.)
     William appeared on the 23 Oct 1779 tax list of in Saratoga Tax District, Albany Co., with personal property valued at $15.14
     No evidence has been found of William and Huldah in Pawlet, Vermont, so it seems they did not move there with his parents and brothers. A 1907 family history reported that they lived in Windham Co., Connecticut, so apparently they returned there from Stillwater, New York, if indeed his wife and children ever joined him in New York.15
     William died in 1792 in New York, New York.7,8

     Children with Huldah Norton:

  • William Cobb16,17 (18 Sep 1769 - )
  • Sarah Cobb16,17 (30 Oct 1772 - )


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