Chauncey Johnson1

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Key Events:

Marriage: Burlington, Vermont, Nancy Lathrop (23 Nov 1791 - 8 Jul 1872)2
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     A Chauncey R. Johnson placed an ad in the Vermont Centinel on 27 Oct 1809 announcing that he had taken over the stall previously occupied by Moses Jewett, on the north side of Court House Square in Burlington, Vermont, and was now offering saddles and other leather goods for sale. This may well have been the Chauncey Johnson who married Nancy Lathrop.3
     Chauncey married Nancy Lathrop, daughter of Thomas Lathrop and Wealthy Ann Cobb, in Burlington, Vermont.2 There is record of a Chauncey R. Johnson serving in the War of 1812 in Burlington, Vermont. He enlisted 20 or 24 Apr 1813, then appears to have enlisted again 17 Mar 1814 in Middleburg, serving until 17 Jun 1815. But he was born about 1800, in Rutland, Vermont, and would seem to have been too young to have been Nancy's husband. Perhaps he was a son of her husband, by a prior marriage?4,5
Research Note, 30 Apr 2010:
There is a Chauncey R. Johnson in the 1810 census of Burlington, Vermont, with a household consisting of one male age 10 to 16, two age 16 to 26, one over 45, and two females age 16 to 26. The youngest male could be the soldier in the War of 1812, and the female could be Nancy, suggesting that the older male might be her husband. There is a Chauncy Johnson in Lisle, Broome Co., New York in 1820 that has adults of comparable ages, and two girls under 10 and one 10 to 16 who could be the same family, but there is no evidence to substantiate that supposition.

     Children with Nancy Lathrop:

  • Wealthy Ann Johnson2
  • Maria Johnson2


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