This is the Family History Section of our website, where we share the stories of those of our ancestors, cousins, and close associates about whom we have enough information to create hopefully interesting narratives. This section is limited to a few family lines for which we feel our research has reached the point where it is ready to share with others. It is intended for readers who are interested in learning more about the people in those family lines.

Family Lines Included in This Section

You can examine each family line using the links below. For each family, there is an index to everyone we have included in the family and an introductory page which provides background on the family and contains links to key people and to charts and maps pertaining to the family.

   Terry's Ancestors:

  • The Gapsch family of St. Louis, Missouri, and the Pacific Northwest.
  • The Glabe family of Tazewell Co. and Peoria, Illinois, and points west.
  • The Reigel family of Northumberland Co., Pennsylvania, and their descendants who scattered across the country.

   Nancy's Ancestors:

  • The Fenker family of north-western Germany and their descendants in the United States.
  • The Wieman family, also of north-western Germany, and their descendants in the United States.
  • The Cobb family of Pawlet, Vermont, Kentucky, and Indiana, and their descendants.
  • The Linah Mims/Rebeccah Davis family of Greenbrier, Virginia, and central Kentucky, and their descendants.
  • The Dutt/Toot family of Württemberg, Pennsylvania, and Virginia.
  • The Tuck family of Halifax Co., Virginia, and Christian Co. Kentucky, and their descendants.

Others will be added as they are ready. Our ancestors, and their siblings, can be distinguished from the many other people on the site by the icons that appear on the indexes and in the text. See the Legend for details.

Browsing the Entire Family History Section

If you prefer, you can browse this section using the section-wide index at the left. You can also use the Search Function, which allows you to search by name, and to specify birth and/or death dates, spouses, and parents if you like.

Or, you may choose to use the Site-wide Search Function to search our entire ReigelRidge site for names, places or other key words. It covers our Special Resources section as well as this section and our Family Tree Section, which is described below.

About the Map Links

Many of the places mentioned in the narratives about each person in this site contain links to that place in Google Maps. To view that location click the icon. What is displayed on the map depends on several factors, including how specifically the location of the event is known. When only a state, county, city or town is known you usually see the current boundries of that location outlined and named. If the specific address of a location is known you will usually see that exact location marked, and if Google has a "street view" image of the location that will also be available.

In some cases you can see the actual dwelling where someone lived. In other cases you will see that the dwellings have since been replaced with freeways, public buildings, or other modern structures. You may find it interesting to switch the map to the "Satellite" view to see the surrounding terrain as it appears today. You can return to our website with the "back" command in your browser, but you may have to use it several times if you have explored various views in the map.

When the address has been changed since the time of the event we have tried to determine the correct location. For example, click this icon to see on a map the home of Terry's grandparents in Peoria in the 1920's. An image of the house appears at the top left, which can be expanded to full screen. Peoria is one of the cities that has renamed many streets and renumbered most as was the case here, but we have re-directed the map in this instance to the correct location.

Our Family Tree Section

Many more people are included in our Family Tree Section, which includes only basic information about other lines we are working on. That section may be more helpful if you are trying to see if we have information on people of interest to you. If you don't find those you are looking for here, try that section.

Additions and Corrections

We are eager to exchange information and receive corrections. If you find anyone of interest, we urge you to use the “Contact Us” link at the bottom of the page you want to refer to.


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