Sunday night - Juneau to Glacier Bay
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Glacier Bay National Park
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Nature trail at Park visitor center
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Nature trail at Park visitor center
Monday - cruising up Glacier Bay to Margerie Glacier
Glacier Bay west arm
Puffins, Glacier Bay
Mountain Goats, Glacer Bay
Tar Heel viewing sea lions
Sea Otter, Glacer Bay West Arm
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Ice in upper Glacier Bay
Margerie Glacier from our cabin
Margerie Glacier
Grand Pacific Glacier
Entering Reid Inlet
Reid Glacier
Viewing iceburgs from the small boat
Nancy and Ranger Faye; Safari Endeavor at anchor
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Terry and Ranger Faye, hiking at Reid Inlet
Tuesday - Reid Inlet, then cruising to Idaho Inlet
Nancy and Larry, hiking at Idaho Inlet
Wednesday - Idaho Inlet, then cruising Icy Strait
Brady Glacier, at the mouth of Icy Strait
Whales in Icy Strait
Entering Red Bluff Bay
Waterfall in Red Bluff Bay (typical of thousands seen)
Waterfall in Red Bluff Bay
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Large Brown Bear, Red Bluff Bay
Red Bluff Bay; Safari Endeavor at anchor
Returning to the boat
Thursday - Red Bluff Bay then cruising Frederick Sound
Whale Watching in Frederick Sound
Thursday night - to Thomas Bay
Thomas Bay
Returning to the boat after small boat tour
View from our cabin
The moose, on the way to hiking at Thomas Bay
Hiking at Thomas Bay
Friday night - cruising to Endicott Arm
Launching kayaks at Fords Terror
Iceburgs at Fords Terror
Iceburg at Fords Terror
Fords Terror
Endicott Arm and Dawes Glacier
Endicott Arm
Harbor seals and pups, Endicott Arm
Harbor seal, Endicott Arm
Water fall, Endicott Arm
Dawes Glacier
Dawes Glacer calving
Dawes Glacer calving
Hanging glacier, Endicott Arm
Returning to the boat - too deep to anchor
Saturday night - return to Juneau
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Captain Jill
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The bridge

Thanks to the Safari Endeavor crew for the map slides and some of the photos,
and to Larry Pertl for additional photos.

Our overall route can be viewed with an interactive map.