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R. Cobb

Bankruptcy of Robertson H. Cobb, son of Robert Livingston Cobb and Cornelia Mims. Robert was in business in Eddyville, Kentucky, with his father and brothers Joshua and Linah before the Civil War, but the firm fell on hard times after the war and Joshua and Linah filed bankruptcy petitions on 29 Feb 1868. Robert filed for bankruptcy on 26 Apr 1878 in the U.S. District Court in Paducah, Kentucky.

The information below was extracted from the case file no. 972, J. C. Cobb Bankruptcy, and consists mainly of the schedules filed by the bankrupt. There are extensive documents related to the bankruptcy proceedure which are not included here. The totals and summaries included here do not exist in the original file.

Schedule A – Debts:

Section A-1 – Preferred debt: none

Section A-2 – Secured Debts: none

Section A-3, Unsecured Debts:

Creditor Residence Date Amt Details
Wm McKnight, decd Lyon Co., Ky 1859 about 700.00 Contracted by R L Cobb & Sons Judgt
H Collie, decd Belleview Ky 1859 about 350.00 Contracted by R L Cobb & Sons Judgt
      about 250.00 Contracted by R L Cobb & Sons Judgt
Garrett Gray, Tennessee Rolling Mill Lyon Co. Ky about 1858 not known M M Tyler note and recd by R L Cobb & son note
M L Brawell Eddyville, Ky about 74 about 75.00 Debt of Mrs. John Cobb Ptnr [petitioner ?] surety
Petitioner & R L Cobb, L M Cobb & J C Cobb were doing business in partnership which was dissolved by petitioner’s withdrawal the 1st of July 1861 and there may be other debts growing out of said partnership business but if there are others petitioner does not now remember them. R L Cobb has died and both L M & J C Cobb have availed themselves of the benefit of the bankrupt law many years since, that the books of said firm were surrendered to the assignee in the case of L M & J C Cobb bankruptcy.
Mrs. L B Brnek Shurman, Texas 1870 2,000.00 Note executed Dec 1877
Mrs. L A Sykes Muldon, Missippi 1873 800.00 Note executed Dec 1877
J T Jameson, guardian Muldon, Miss 1873 14.00 Note executed Dec 1877
Bue Knut Terrell Paducah, Ky 1876 335.00 Note executed
Wallestein Bros Paducah, Ky 1877 about 45.00 Acceptance
Fambaker & Wallenstein Paducah, Ky 1876 about 6.00 Acceptance
Chas Reed Paducah, Ky 1876 100.00 ½ of J C Noble note on which petitioner & Reed ___ ___  paid off by Reed
Joel Meullins Wingo Ky Jul 1873 about 1,300.00 Contracted as a member of the firm of Kay Cobb & Selser [?] from which firm petitioner withdrew in Sept 1873, the debts of the firm having been assumed by the remaining partners Kay & Selser [?] and who ought to bay this debt.
Sismott & Dick Paducah, Ky 1875 35.00 Note executed
B A Neal Mayfield, Ky   60.00 Fou [?] as cometh atty for forfeited amt by John Williams on which petitioner was surety all of said amt having been removed by the Govenor except the attorneys fee


R L Cobb & Son debt about 1,375.00
R Cobb debt about 4,695.00
Total about 6,070.00

Section A-4 – Notes or bills: none

Section A-5 – Accommodation paper: none

Listing of debts from notice of creditors’ meeting:

Creditor Residence Amt
Debts created by R L Cobb & Sons:
Wm McKnight Eddyville, Ky 700.00
H Callie Eddyville, Ky 350.00
Garrett Gray Tennessee Rolling Markely [?] 510.00
Debts created by R Cobb:
Mrs. L B Bruek Sherman, Texas 2,000.00
Mrs. L A Sukes Muldon, Miss 800.00
J T Johnson Muldon, Miss 14.00
Buckner Terrell Paducah, Ky 335.00
Wallestzen Bros. Paducah, Ky 45.00
Farmbaker & Wallestion Paducah, Ky 6.00
Chas. Reed Paducah, Ky 100.00
Joel Muellins Wingo Sta Ky 1,300.00
Total from R L Cobb & Sons 1,560.00
Total from R Cobb 4,600.00
Total 6,160.00

Schedule B – Assets

Section B-1 – Lands: none

Section B-2 – Personal Property:

Part 1 – Cash: none

Part 2 – Bills of exchange, notes, etc.: none

Part 3 – Stock in Trade: none

Part 4 – Household goods and wearing apparel:
             wearing apparel of self & family: 200.00
             household property belongs to wife

Part 5 – Books: none
            books, miscellaneous: abt 300.00

Part 6 – Livestock:
            one cow: about 10.00

Part 8 – Farming stock: none

Part 9 – Shipping: none

Part 10 – Machinery use in business: none

Part 11 – Other: none

Section B-3 – Choses in Action

Part 1 – Debts due petitioner: none

Part 2 – Stocks: none

Part 3 – Insurance:
            Life policy for benefit of wife the premiums of which are paid out of her separate means: 300.00

Part 4 – Claims: none

Section B-4 – Reversions and Remainders

one fifth of the Petitioners Decd Mothers estate – which estate is now encumbered with debts larger than the estate will pay. This estate is in the hands of the other heirs and the value of petitioners interest therein cannot be ascertained until the property can be sold & the debts paid.

Part B-5 – Exempt Property:

Wearing apparel of wife & children 200.00
Library miscellaneous 200.00
One milch cow 10.00
Total 410.00



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