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J. C. Cobb

Bankruptcy of Joshua Clark Cobb, son of Robert Livingston Cobb and Cornelia Mims, and father of Irvin S. Cobb. Joshua was in business in Eddyville, Kentucky, with his father and brothers Robert and Linah before the Civil War, but the firm fell on hard times after the war and Joshua and Linah filed nearly identical bankruptcy petitions on 29 Feb 1868 in the U.S. District Court in Paducah, Kentucky.

The information below was extracted from the case file no. 250, J. C. Cobb Bankruptcy, and consists mainly of the schedules filed by the bankrupt. There are extensive documents related to the bankruptcy proceedure which are not included here. The totals and summaries included here do not exist in the original file.

The filing of Joshua's brother Linah, made on the same day, was substantially identical, and was not examined in detail.

Schedule A – Debts:

Section A-1 – Preferred debt: none

Section A-2 – Secured Debts: none

Section A-3, Unsecured Debts:

Creditor Residence Occup’n Date Amt Details
S F J D O Craig Princeton, Ky farmer 22 Aug 1859 123.39 Note for cash - contracted jointly with RL, LM, & JC Cobb, firm of R L Cobb & Sons
C W Roach Belleview Ky farmer 1 Jan 1859 100.00 Note, as above
James S Harper Fredonia, Ky farmer 2 Jan 1859 474.02 Note, as above
H Collier admstr Eddyville, Ky farmer 28 Apr 1860 280.00 Note, as above
Shelton McDowell Marion, Ky farmer 2 Jan 1861 100.00 Note, as above
Allen Williams Hopkinsville, Ky farmer 29 Apr 1861 304.56 Note, as above
J D Jones Eddyville, Ky farmer 9 May 1862 80.00 Note, as above
B Busbroy Eddyville, Ky farmer 5 Sep 1864 1890.00 3 notes, as above
Elisa D Madlington Dycusburg, Ky farmer 28 May 1864 550.00 Note, as above
E P George Princeton, Ky farmer 24 Feb 1865 635.08 Note, as above
same Princeton, Ky farmer 16 May 1865 1200.00 Note, as above
J W & R T Rogers Princeton, Ky farmer 3 Apr 1865 620.00 Note, as above
Nancy J Wild Fredonia, Ky farmer 3 Jun 1865 377.36 Note, as above
James Ramsey Eddyville, Ky farmer 3 Jun 1865 71.00 Note, as above
R L Cobb & Sons Eddyville, Ky merchants 1851-1868 5811.76 Open a/c for many used  - individual
Pilkin Ward & Co Louisville Ky merchants 1866 or 7 242.00 a/c for aggricultural [sic] implements - contracted jointly with RL, LM, & JC Cobb (R L Cobb & Sons)
Daniel Jarrett Adams (Thos Jarrett) Eddyville, Ky farmer   11.28 a/c as above
Allen & Grant Pittsburg, Pa merchants 1867 300.00 Cash a/c by Phillip Colimad as above
Thos Ashbridge Princeton, Ky farmer " 109.25 a/c for labor, as above
A S Brewer Princeton, Ky farmer " 20.00 a/c for cash, as above
A Brooks Caseyville, Ky merchant " 18.42 a/c for bacon, as above
John Boyd Eddyville, Ky sheriff " 134.39 cash a/c, as above
John W Dorrok Eddyville, Ky farmer " 71.25 a/c as above
Martha Doom Eddyville, Ky farmer " 113.01 a/c as above
Early & Rice Parkerville, Ky merchants " 114.93 a/c for labor as above
John W Ethridge Eddyville, Ky carpenter 1865 or 6 37.87 a/c for labor as above
A B Granett Garnethville, Ky merchant 1867 99.98 a/c for tobacco as above
L Gunther & Co New Orleans merchants " 58.68 a/c for cash, as above
John T Guess Princeton, Ky farmer " 750.88 a/c for labor as above
Scyster Ellis & Co Smithland, Ky merchants 1867 29.10 Bal of a/c contracted jointly with RL, LM, JC Cobb of the firm of RL Cobb & Sons
D C Hortigan Salem, Ky farmer " 633.00 a/c for labor as above
Hayes & Cooper Louisville, Ky merchants " 118.17 a/c for wagons &C, as above
Rice & Smith Dycusburg, Ky merchants 1865 or 6 759.07 a/c for cash, as above
John W Rogdgers Eddyville, Ky farmer 1867 105.60 a/c for produce, as above
R C Lody Eddyville, Ky farmer " 27.79 a/c for produce, as above
W B Machen Eddyville, Ky farmer " 236.51 a/c for cash, as above
Samuel Orr Evansville, Ind merchant " 60.61 a/c for iron, as above
J M Milam Dover, Tenn farmer " 53.50 a/c for cash, as above
Ragan & Dickey Evansville, Ind merchant " 457.84 a/c for groceries, as above
Silas Thomas St. Louis, Mo merchant 1866 or 7 107.20 a/c for cash, as above
R C Thompson, Jr Eddyville, Ky merchant 1867 118.25 a/c for trades &C, as above
Holly Zallinger Eddyville, Ky farmer " 245.00 note for cash, as above
William McKnight Hopkinsville, Ky farmer " 400.00 note for cash, as above
J W & R T Rogers Princeton, Ky farmer 23 Apr 1867 70.00 Note for cash contracted jointly with RL, LM, JC Cobb of the firm of RL Cobb & Sons
R W King     24 Apr 1867 125.00  
J H Hertizm Princeton, Ky farmer 8 Jun 1867 150.00 Note, as above
Elizabeth Scott Eddyville, Ky farmer 15 May 1867 65.00 Note, as above
R E Newhouse Agt Louisville, Ky   26 Apr 1867 350.00 Note for salt, as above
W R Hughes Eddyville, Ky farmer 6 Jul 1867 75.00 Note for cash, as above
Hugh Craig Princeton, Ky farmer 29 Jul 1867 200.00 Note, as above
J B Rice & wife Eddyville, Ky Wagon makers 31 Jul 1867 139.11 Note, as above
James C Glenn Eddyville, Ky farmer 2 Aug 1867 500.00 Note, as above
Noah Holloway Princeton, Ky farmer 11 Sep 1867 900.00 Note, as above
Early & Parker   merchant 23 Sep 1867 413.10 Note, as above
Elisha Williams Charleston, Ky farmer 25 Sep 1867 1600.00 Note, as above
 same   farmer 8 Oct 1867 434.25 as above
W W Williams Charleston, Ky farmer 29 Oct 1867 250.00 Note, as above
W W Cannon Eddyville, Ky farmer 17 Oct 1865 141.25 Note for cash contracted jointly with RL, LM, JC Cobb of the firm of RL Cobb & Sons
R C Wilcox Eddyville, Ky farmer 9 Dec 1865 52.60 Note, as above
William King Eddyville, Ky farmer 11 Dec 1865 74.47 Note, as above
William J Stone Eddyville, Ky farmer 21 Dec 1865 493.95 Note for gold, as above
Sarah E May Eddyville, Ky   6 Jan 1866 420.00 Note, as above
R M Scott Princeton, Ky farmer 8 May 1866 200.00 Note, as above
Groves Howard Princeton, Ky farmer 10 Mar 1866 500.00 Note, as above
Obediah Smith Eddyville, Ky farmer 22 Mar 1866 85.00 Note, as above
John H Tarley Fredonia, Ky farmer 7 May 1866 575.00 Note for gold, as above
Samuel Williams Eddyville, Ky farmer 10 Aug 1866 100.00 Note for cash, as above
Japha Garnett Parkersville, Ky farmer 4 May 1863 685.77 Note, as above
J M Jones Paris, Tenn farmer 20 Nov 1866 100.00 Note, as above
Phebe Fulks Eddyville, Ky farmer 16 Jan 1867 100.00 Note, as above
J M Milams Dover, Tenn farmer 17 Apr 1867 740.00 Note, as above
Thos Parker Parkersville, Ky farmer 28 Mar 1867 100.00 Note for cash contracted jointly with RL, LM, JC Cobb of the firm of RL Cobb & Sons
H Blanks Eddyville, Ky farmer 27 Mar 1867 75.00 Note, as above
D Pepper Princeton, Ky lawyer 27 Mar 1867 25.00 Note, as above
Wilson & Watson Eddyville, Ky lawyers 26 Dec 1867 50.00 Note, as above
J Shrmasberry, agent Paducah, Ky merchant 1 Jun 1867 517.50 Note for salt, as above
same   merchant   517.50 Note for salt, as above
Mrs M T Cobb Clarksville, Tenn   2 Oct 1867 225.00 Note for cash, as above
Nancy L Wilcox Eddyville, Ky farmer 1 Jun 1868 297.20 Note, as above
Commercial Bank of Ky Paducah, Ky bankers Mar 1867 5000.00 Draft drawn by RL Cobb & Sons (RL, LM, & JC Cobb) on Matts Crane & Co New York & accepted endorsed by Matts Given & Co Paducah Ky, Judge in McCracken Cir Court 1867
same       5000.00 as above
same       5000.00 as above


R L Cobb & Son accounts to farmers 2,247.00
R L Cobb & Son accounts to merchants 3,576.58
R L Cobb & Son notes 32,762.11
R L Cobb & Son total 38,585.69
J C Cobb debt to R L Cobb & Son 5,811.76
Total J C Cobb unsecured debts 44,397.45

Section A-4, Liabilities that Ought to be Paid by Others:

Creditor Residence Occup’n Date Amt Details
Minor & Dallam Evansville, Ind merchant 25 Jun 1867 737.15 Drawn by Roberts & Jenkins of Princeton, Ky in favor of Minor & Dallam & accepted by R L Cobb & Sons (RL, LM, & JC Cobb) and ought to be paid by Robert & Jenkins

Schedule B – Assets

Section B-1 – Lands:

1/3 interest in 324½ acres land lying in Christian Co on the waters of Pond River conveyed by A G Woblrize [?] to R L Cobb & Sons; no encumbrances, estimated value 500.00

Section B-2 – Personal Property:

Part A, Cash: none

Part B, Bills of exchange, notes, etc., 1/3 interest in the following notes or receipts of notes (those shown as zero have been overwritten, apparently to reflect a correction or update):

Debtor Location Amt   Debtor Location Amt
N G Tuck [?] Eddyville, Ky 0.00   Jac H Hayes Princeton, Ky 3,550.00
H C Burnett, decd Cadiz, Ky 75.00   W H Kilgno Furnace, Ky 98.33
E ? Berk [?] Eddyville, Ky 0.00   Geo. M Marshall Dycusburg, Ky 263.50
F N Bond Texas 50.35   Andy McCren Hopkinsville, Ky 79.23
Dr Kit Barbour Empire Ironworks, Ky 46.13   H D McKrigg Hopkinsville, Ky 46.76
Jno S Brown Eddyville, Ky 914.38   Jno Rickman unknown 29.65
Gila Crump Eddyville, Ky 0.00   Dr. T C Tsrithell unknown 18.00
James W Crow Princeton, Ky 5.53   Geo W Simpson unknown 6.86
G W Cash Eddyville, Ky 32.40   Riby Spears unknown 12.85
H J Lewis Eddyville, Ky 0.00   J H Roberts Princeton, Ky 5,000.00
Bird [?] Eddyville, Ky 45.61   Levi Trotter Madisonville, Ky 1,056.83
F B Evins Eddyville, Ky 24.32   Saml Stoffond Empire Ironworks, Ky 28.60
Jno J Hayes Eddyville, Ky 136.03   J P Thompson Paducah, Ky 1,527.45
James Holder & M J Fleming Eddyville, Ky 25.00   T A Taylor Cadiz, Ky 800.00
[?] Hallack Eddyville, Ky 70.00   F Wadlington unknown 11.00
N V McQuigg Eddyville, Ky 1427.52   Matts Griven Paducah, Ky 1,750.00
Carter Blue Eddyville, Ky 250.00   Wm East Cadiz, Ky 478.83
Sullie Z__ Eddyville, Ky 30.00   Jno Hill Cadiz, Ky 100.00
J P Paine Eddyville, Ky 100.00   Jno & T M Hill Cadiz, Ky 315.00
James Peacher Eddyville, Ky 600.00   J Sutteberry Eddyville, Ky 31.46
B F Smith Eddyville, Ky 116.00   J M Brince Eddyville, Ky 320.57
James Scott Eddyville, Ky 35.64   J R Edes Eddyville, Ky 1,577.52
Mosses Stone Eddyville, Ky 714.69   A Dixon Eddyville, Ky 42.68
[unreadable]       Saml Riggs Eddyville, Ky 10.64
G N Yates Eddyville, Ky 243.56   Nelso & Saml Riggs Eddyville, Ky 16.85
W B Brelsford Eddyville, Ky 457.71   J W Mahony Eddyville, Ky 32.26
G P Dowell Princeton, Ky 300.00   Jas A Pitcher Eddyville, Ky 320.00
Jno L Dycus Smithland, Ky 94.75   J R Fleming Eddyville, Ky 133.52
Mw Flovel Louisville, Ky 12.00   S C Brooks Eddyville, Ky 50.00
L S Forlines Princeton, Ky 9.14   J Krone Eddyville, Ky 33.63
A & A B Gilliland Madisonville, Ky 18.1   J A Baker Eddyville, Ky 15.40
Wm Gilliland Madisonville, Ky 929.12   S & Jno Krone Eddyville, Ky 37.97
M R Hamly Madisonville, Ky 1555.26   W W Johnson & J R Fleming Eddyville, Ky 6.70
M W Lizenby Madisonville, Ky 1007.71   Geo Yates & J R Fleming Eddyville, Ky 18.00
G B Peciso Madisonville, Ky 87.36   J A Johnson Eddyville, Ky 171.73
H A Parrish Madisonville, Ky 290.21   Thos Hardy Eddyville, Ky 60.00
J J Russell Madisonville, Ky 11,540.06   W H Gibson Eddyville, Ky 11.10
W M Gladdish unknown 220.35   Joel Kelly Eddyville, Ky 9.00
F W Griffith Princeton, Ky 15.29   Jno P Stone Eddyville, Ky 20.00
Adam Hyde Princeton, Ky 32.29   J R Holmes Eddyville, Ky 10.75
J T McKnight & M R Humly Madisonville, Ky 172.98   H K C Gatewood, constable Eddyville, Ky 51.00


Total debts owed R L Cobb & Son 39,838.16
Location of debtor unknown 6
Total debtors 77

Part C – Stock in Trade: none

Part D – Household goods and wearing apparel:
             wearing apparel of self: 250.00
            1 pr sleeve buttons: 0.50

Part E – Books: none

Part F – Livestock: none

Part G – Carriages: none

Part H – Farming stock: none

Part I – Shipping: none

Part J – Other:
            trunk: 12.50
            2 valises: 15.00

Section B-3 – Choses in Action

1/3 interest in the following accounts due on the books of R L Cobb & Sons:

Debtor Location Amt   Debtor Location Amt
John Pool Caldwell Co. Ky 4.30   John P Sasseen unknown 7.50
J T Poindexter Vaiden, Miss 25.00   James Stephens unknown 14.50
J C Pasters unknown 71.50   Jno Todd unknown 24.93
W O Perryman Caldwell, Ky 4.60   Ferry & Brown Christian Co., Ky 2.75
Jas White Caldwell, Ky 3.00   Wm Tash decd Caldwell Co., Ky 71.38
H B Shaw decd. unknown 60.00   F N Urey decd Caldwell Co., Ky 12.50
J M Keney Caldwell 5.00   Wilson Tear Caldwell Co., Ky 4.75
R P Dawson Caldwell 218.00   Charles Wood decd Lyon Co., Ky 80.00
A A Robinson unknown 10.00   W B Waddlington Texas 81.96
Giles Barrett Lyon 16.80   James Templetan Lyon Co., Ky 3.00
J F Baker & Co Caldwell 15.00   J B Doom Lyon Co., Ky 1.34
R K Dunkerson & Co Evansville, Ind 78.80   David Dunn Hopkins Co., Ky 2.50
S H Bennett Lyon 37.45   F W Darbey Caldwell Co., Ky 1.25
Hugh Craig Caldwell 8.50   S Darnall Caldwell Co., Ky 84.11
J A Cook Caldwell 4.00   J H Boyd Caldwell Co., Ky 100.28
Rob Cobb Loohstan, Miss 457.70   V J Dillingham Lyon Co., Ky 1.25
R L Cobb Eddyville, Ky 5,388.96   W H Hollinsworth Lyon Co., Ky 201.06
L M Cobb Eddyville, Ky 10,730.19   W H Harris Lyon Co., Ky 4.00
W G Cash Caldwell, Ky 9.31   Daniel Hord Lyon Co., Ky 10.14
H F Cherry Lyon 65.00   V B Hawley Lyon Co., Ky 13.00
Net Crow Lyon 30.00   Jno J Hayes Lyon Co., Ky 4.25
T W Catlett Lyon 14.25   James Scott Lyon Co., Ky 35.85
H Doom Lyon 4.00   Elisha Williams Hopkins Co., Ky 35.40
F W Duning Caldwell 3.80   White & Miller Hopkins Co., Ky 52.38
L S Gresham Caldwell 2.00   Jno C Wilson Lyon 12.20
Garrett Gray Lyon 41.40   Jno D & J B Mott Caldwell 16.00
Griffin & Chambers unknown 7.00   W V McQuizzy, admin   55.19
Jas C Glenn Lyon 1.75   McNary & Parker Lyon 7.50
G B Gluss Caldwell 279.84   W P Maxwell Caldwell 19.95
W P Glenn Caldwell 7.50   WM Nichols Caldwell 20.00
Eliza Damall Caldwell 5.35   Thos S Johnson Caldwell 13,516.00
D D Hillman unknown 3.00   Benj Jones Lyon 5.25
M L Hopson Princeton, Ky 551.00   J L James Lyon 750.00
W H Harrold decd Lyon, Ky 22.55   O M Jenkins Lyon unknown
James J Henson Lyon, Ky 6.00   Dr. J A King Caldwell, Ky 2.50
Jas A Johnson decd Caldwell 20.00   Geo Lucas Caldwell, Ky 9.94
S & J Holder Lyon 2.00   Earl Lacey Caldwell, Ky 4.90
S W Howarton Lyon 10.00   J H Langston Lyon 16.00
Shack Cobb & Co. Lyon 1,184.00   W R Lister Lyon 11.15
F P Langston Lyon 34.20   A J Martin Caldwell 43.45
W H Long Lyon 6.50   Jno W Mathis Clarksville, Tenn 400.00
W H Lawrence unknown 10.09   Jacob H Doom Eddyville, Ky 4.00
Geo W Song unknown 14.15   Josh Edwards unknown 1.69
M M Lyon Lyon, Ky 222.30   A W Fleming Eddyville, Ky 10.36
S B Secter Lyon, Ky 8.00   Martha J Fleming Eddyville, Ky 44.86
Robt Machews Lyon, Ky 12.00   H Farior unknown 7.25
Mrs. Mary Metcalf decd Hopkins, Ky 33.75   J A Franklin Hopkins Co., Ky 13.60
Lawrey Mitchell Caldwell, Ky 7.00   H Fulks Lyon Co., Ky 60.00
John Makew Smithland, Ky 7.40   S P Glenn Lyon Co., Ky 4.75
Henry Mayer decd Lyon, Ky 71.17   A & AB Gilliland Hopkins Co., Ky 646.11
Lewis Marin Caldwell, Ky 1.44   C C Gregory decd Union Co., Ky 38.15
Danl McKnight Hopkins, Ky 1.75   James Gilliland Hopkins Co., Ky 66.16
Mrs. Marson decd Caldwell, Ky 8.00   Jo Gilligay Hopkins Co., Ky 7.50
Wm Mercer unknown 13.40   A B Gilliland Hopkins Co., Ky 38.65
Geo W Margan Caldwell, Ky 23.27   J B Gore unknown 1.75
A Y Mitchison Lyon, Ky 437.55   Thos J Greer Caldwell 4.15
S S Menser Hopkins, Ky 3.15   James W Groves Caldwell 6.67
Mider & Co unknown 71.62   Henry Garner decd Caldwell 2.50
S R Nesbit Hopkins, Ky 12.39   D W Gore Lyon 18.00
Wright Michals Caldwell, Ky 8.00   Geo Hunter Caldwell, Ky 4.50
Bryan Oneal Caldwell, Ky 36.91   Ennis Honsser Caldwell, Ky 13.37
Jons A Pilcher unknown 52.75   Theo Hawley decd Lyon 44.58
D B Williamson Lyon Co., Ky 968.80   D S Haleman Lyon 92.72
W Wells & Son Caldwell Co., Ky 222.52   R S Harper Caldwell, Ky 12.70
W W Williams Caldwell Co., Ky 36.00   Robt Hayden Caldwell, Ky 127.00
C D Woodruff Hopkins Co., Ky 12.10   L P Holland unknown 7.00
J S Williams Ala 20.00   L W D Hambey Christian 11.62
Watts Given & Co. Paducah, Ky 52.77   Charles Beatter unknown 1.25
J F Woosley Christian Co., Ky 16.10   Coleman & Todd Lyon 569.35
J B Wrignt unknown 16.00   Wm Holder Lyon 2.00
J B Waddle Caldwell Co., Ky 4.86   P S Holloway Lyon 1.75
J N Wolf Caldwell Co., Ky 23.25   W F Henderson Trigg 4.65
M M West unknown 12.50   A M Bezmath decd Eddyville, Ky 4.14
B L Sandell unknown 2.00   C S Brunson Eddyville, Ky 3.75
Thomas Aden unknown 8.45   F U Bond unknown 10.25
Jno B Armstrong unknown 281.00   Robt Boyd Eddyville, Ky 1.12
Nash Menser Hopkins Co., Ky 3.00   W J Barnes Hopkins Co., Ky 2.48
J P Morris Hopkins Co., Ky 22.00   P W Austin Caldwell Co., Ky 9.00
B W Martin Lyon Co., Ky 1.25   P F Bales decd unknown 2.00
H L McQuigg Hopkinsville 94.05   J H Brown Hopkins Co., Ky 5.95
S B Ashmoon Hopkins Co., Ky 39.03   Dr. W Brewster Lyon Co., Ky 57.13
Abbott Johns & Co Philadelphia, Pa 6.76   C H Bennett unknown 48.40
Geo W Barbacer decd Caldwell Co., Ky 30.00   Wm Brewster decd Lyon, Ky 1.75
Wm Childers Caldwell Co., Ky 5.00   James P Bramster Livingston Co., Ky 1.00
J J Chambers Lyon Co., Ky 4.50   Burrill Braber Hopkins Co., Ky 16.75
J R Cash Lyon Co., Ky 10.00   B F Byard unknown 2.45
D H Dagles Hopkins Co., Ky 5.00   Walter Corbett unknown 2.50
Jon F Dunning Lyon Co., Ky 9.00   W Cox Lyon, Ky 4.50
J C Gasck unknown 24.00   W H Catoe unknown 51.49
Wm Gressham Caldwell Co., Ky 259.00   Jas W Cook unknown 3.39
H K S Gatewood Lyon Co., Ky 3.75   Clark & Thieneman New Orleans 70.00
Thomas Lane Lyon Co., Ky 1,242.67   Saml F Craig Princeton, Ky 9.00
Joseph Lehn Lyon Co., Ky 43.60   F W Cantrell Lyon, Ky 51.75
L C Price Lyon Co., Ky 9.90   Wm Clark decd Lyon, Ky 7.50
N A Parish Hopkins Co., Ky 30.38   S W Calvort Princeton, Ky 75.00
Thomas Prewett Caldwell Co., Ky 2.25   John Dawson unknown 15.68
Mrs E A Parmley Caldwell Co., Ky 69.75   B N Dawson Princeton, Ky 360.00
J C Prince Caldwell Co., Ky 14.86   F W Dodd Princeton, Ky 25.00
J O Praches & Co Cincinnati, Ohio 4.65   M Dudley & Co Princeton, Ky 837.51
A H Patch & Co Louisville, Ky 28.85   Wm E Dycus Lyon Co., Ky 14.17
L Passatt Lyon Co., Ky 3.35   John L Dycus Livingston, Ky 74.85
B B Ross unknown 2.20   A H Dudley Lyon, Ky 4.25
Isaac Reicker decd Livingston, Ky 12.49   Alf Dixon Caldwell, Ky 6.28
R Riley Lyon, Ky 30.37   L W Mitchell Caldwell Co., Ky 2,402.25
Zena Morris Christian Co., Ky 5.67   WM Moneymaker Lyon 5.00
Nancy A Rucker Lyon Co., Ky 3.70   E A Stone Graves Co. 22.50
B F Smith Lyon Co., Ky 26.08   W J Stone Lyon 642.08
W J Smith Lyon Co., Ky 5.00   Lucinda Presley & Davis Pierce Lyon 24.60
T H Sallaman Lyon Co., Ky 2.50   H P Smith Lyon 48.50
F M Smith Lyon Co., Ky 6.00   A B Saunders Lyon 7.00
W P &  S R Shryock St Louis, Mo 3.81   J W Satterfield Lyon 5.00
A H Slayton unknown 174.15   E D Wadlington Lyon 165.40
Steamer Mahouke & Orleans Nashville, Tenn 29.00   J M Wadlington Lyon 4.50
Saml Stafford Lyon Co., Ky 3.00   E B Wyatt Caldwell 20.35
        Kelly & Co unknown, Pa 39,480.47


Total debts owed R L Cobb & Son 86,667.70
Cobb Accounts 16,576.85
Total less Cobb & Kelly & Co 30,610.38
Total number of accounts 230
Cobb accounts 3
Accounts with decd debitors 17
Accouts with unknown addresses 34

Part B-5 – Exempt Property:

Wearing apparel 250.00
1 trunk 12.50
2 valises 15.00
Total 277.50

Overall Summary:

Firm Net Worth:

  Total Per Partner
Land 500.00 166.67
Notes receivable 39,838.16 13,279.39
Accounts receivable (excluding Kelly 30,610.38 10,203.46
Kelly & Co account 39,480.47 13,160.16
Total assets  110,429.01 36,809.67
Liabilities 38,585.69  12,861.90
Net worth 71,843.32 23,947.77
assuming assets 50% collectable:    
Assets    12,861.90
Net worth   5,542.94

Cobb Debts to firm:

Partner Location Amt

Rob Cobb

Loohatan, Miss


R L Cobb

Eddyville, Ky


L M Cobb

Eddyville, Ky


J C Cobb





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