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The records below focus on mortgages involving the following persons. I have endeavored to find all deeds involving them from the establishment of Lyon Co. on 1854 through 1868, for now, but some may have been missed.

Robert L. Cobb Second son of Gideon Dyer Cobb and Modena Chittenden Clark, born c. 1804, Eddyville, active in iron, land, finance, and mercantile, often in partnership with brother Gideon, and later their brother Giles. Later moved to Paducah, died 1875, Paducah.
Gideon D. Cobb Fourth son of Gideon Dyer Cobb and Modena Chittenden Clark, born 1818, Eddyville, active in iron, land, finance, and mercantile, often in partnership with brother Robert, and later with their brother Giles. Died 1871, Eddyville.
Giles L. Cobb Fifth son of Gideon Dyer Cobb and Modena Chittenden Clark, born 1823, Eddyville, active in iron, land, finance, and mercantile, often in partnership with brothers Robert & Gideon. Moved to Dycusburg, died 1867.
Robeson Cobb Eldest son of Robert L. Cobb and Cornelia Mims, born 1836, Caldwell Co., active in business with his father and brothers before taking up the practice of law in Paducah, then in Texas. Also known as Maj. Robert Cobb. Died 1914, Wichita Falls, Texas

Record of some other associates are included, along with mentions of some of the individuals involved in the transactions listed, but those should not be considered complete.

All parties were shown as "of" Lyon Co. unless stated otherwise below.





To Secure



8 Sep 1854 Robert Harris R L & G D Cobb present growing crop of corn & tobacco; bureau & press debt of $94.40 by account A:56

29 Sep 1854

signed by mark
12 May 1855 John R Lynn Cobb, Wood & Co 325 ac less 143 ac sold same day to R L &G D Cobb, in Lyon Co on the waters of Spring Cr, present growing crop of corn, oats, hay, wheat & Tobacco debt of $250 by account A:171-2

12 May 1855

reserving the right to trade this land to Kelly & Co for the land where grantor now lives, with the mortgage transfering to it
16 Aug 1855 Clay Wadlington Robert L Cobb, Charles Wood & Giles L Cobb, trading under name of Cobb Wood & Co present growing crop: 10 ac of corn & 2¼ ac tobacco debt of $75 by account A:211

16 Aug 1855

1 Sep 1855 Charles F Jenkins Robt L Cobb 50 ac purchased by grantor from M M Lyon; 15 ac purchased by grantor from E G Galusha, where grantor now lives; steam sawmill now being erected with boiler, engine, saw, saw carriage & other machinery $1400.71 by note to R L & G D Cobb; grantee is security to grantor as sheriff A:213-4

1 Sep 1855

20 Nov 1856 J V Hilldrith Cobb, Wood & Co bay mare, about 4 yrs old; sorrel colt, filly one yr old, yoke oxen about 9 or 10 yrs old; young yoke oxen about 2 yrs old; 17 head of hogs; 2 cows; present corp corn; all my household & kitchen furniture $564.30 in debts A:378-9

19 Feb 1857

20 Nov 1856 Sally Young Cobb, Wood & Co Negoes Jim, about 48, Bowlins, about 18, & B___ about 19 $550 by note due 1 Jan next A:384-5

4 Mar 1857

31 Apr 1857 George K Perkins Cobb, Wood & Co Negroe girl Masiah & my house & lot in Eddyville, lot no. 23 $598.75 by note A:419-20

30 Apr 1857

28 May 1857 Taylor Wright Cobb, Wood & Co 95 ac in Lyon Co where grantor lives, purchased of Archibald C Coleman $_64.80 by note A:436

28 May 1857

signed by mark
8 Aug 1857 Sally Young Cobb, Wood & Co Negro boy Bill about 4 $100 & to replace Bowlin in previous mortgage for him, Jim, and Bew A:457-8

3 Aug 1857

grantee has agreed to release previous mortgage on Bowlin
14 Oct 1858 J Lewis Moneymaker Cobb Gallatly & Co of Dycusburg, Crittenden Co current crop of tobacco, about 3000 lb; bay mare; & 80 head of hogs loan of $197.24 A:598-9

5 Nov 1858

signed by mark
11 Mar 1859 P F Bail Rob Cobb wagon grantee as security for debt of $38 to Brown & Eli B Parmenter for repair of wagon, due 11 May 1859 B:63-4

11 Mar 1859

9 Sep 1859 D W Gore R L Cobb & Sons Negro girl Nancy Lucy aged 6 or 7 years now in possession of L F Cash note for $421 due 1 Mar next B:99

9 Sep 1859

25 Apr 1860 Wm H Heath R Cobb, guardian for John H, Charles F, Edward Y & Isabella M Heath 50 ac conveyed by deed to me by James Nichols; 51 ac bought at sheriffs sale the property of Alvin Priest; 100 ac bought by me from Philp Coleman; & negro man Hal note for $1,256 B:170

30 Apr 1860

17 Apr 1861 Sara Elizabeth Wadlington & W B Wadlington Cobb Catlett & Co of Eddyville 140 ac, deede to Mary Elizabeth Wadlington & W B Wadlington by Bas__ Hammond [?] 23 Jan 1850 5 notes totalling $936.68 due in 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 years B:274-5

18 Apr 1861

assigned to Wm Jones 20 May 1867
21 Jun 1862 W W Hildreth R L Cobb & Sons 3 horses, 2 mares, 1 yoke work oxen, 11 head of stock cattle, ox waggon, 4 featehr beds, 4 bed steads, 2 tables, 140 head stock hogs, rifle gun, growing crop of wheat 13 ac, corn 35 ac, oats 15 ac note for $582.70, money borrowed and debts paid off by grantees B:311-2

6 Jun 1862

20 Mar 1863 Stephen Aun [?] Heating R L Cobb & Sons parcel of land [details hidden on film by the note] note for $195.30 payable 1 Jan 1864 B:399

15 Apr 1863

5 Sep 1864 W H Hollinsworth R L Cobb & Sons in Lyon Co, beginning at white oak & small gum in Balls military line, conveyed to grantor by William Kelly & wife Mildred A Kelly & John F Kelly at Lyon Co deed A:514 note for $500 due in 12 months, for debt to Robert L Cobb, Linah M. Cobb, & Joshua C Cobb, partners doing business under firm name of R L Cobb & Sons B:477-8

5 Sep 1864



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