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Cobb - Extended Family

The records below focus on deeds involving the third and fourth generations of Cobbs in Kentucky. They are the grandchildren and great-grandchildren of Gideon Dyer Cobb and Modena Chittenden Clark, and their contemporaries, excepting those involving Linah M. Cobb and Joshua C. Cobb, which are listed separately with those of their father. I have endeavored to find all deeds involving them from the establishment of Lyon Co. in 1854 through 1891, but some may have been missed.

Robeson Cobb Eldest son of Robert L. Cobb and Cornelia Mims, born 1836, Caldwell Co., active in business with his father and brothers before taking up the practice of law in Paducah, then in Texas. Also known as Maj. Robert Cobb. Died 1914, Wichita Falls, Texas
Thomas J. Cobb Eldest son of Caleb C. Cobb and Mary W. Machen, born c. 1826, Caldwell Co., a farmer. Died 1881, Lyon Co.
Almeda Cobb Wife of Thomas J. Cobb, born 1827, Caldwell Co. Died 1899.
Henry C. Cobb Eldest son of Thomas J. Cobb and Almeda Glenn, born 1849, Caldwell Co., merchant, moved to Texas about 1907. Died 1931, Corpus Chrisiti.
Giles A. Cobb Forth son of Thomas J. Cobb and Almeda Glenn, born 1857, Lyon Co., a farmer. Moved to Oklahoma 1905. Died 1923, Pawnee, Oklahoma.
Jefferson D. Cobb Sixth son of Thomas J. Cobb and Almeda Glenn, born 1861, Lyon Co., a farmer. Moved to Texas by 1910. Died 1943, Mullen, Texas.

Record of some other associates are included, along with mentions of some of the individuals involved in the transactions listed, but those should not be considered complete.

Parties are stated to be "of Lyon County" unless otherwise stated.








24 Apr 1854 James G Glenn, William V Glenn, David B Glenn, Malinda M Lach, Nathan Langstow Stow & wife Sarah formerly Sarah Glenn, Henry McLeroy & wife Matilda fomerly Matilda Glenn, Samuel P Glenn, William Miller & wife Mary Elizabeth formerly Mary E Glenn, Marcus L Cash & wife Dulcenia formerly Dulcenia Glenn, Thomas J Cobb & wife Alemda formerly Alemda Glenn, heirs at law of Samuel Glenn Darwin Rodgers $3.25 per ac 350 ac in Lyon Co, owned by Samuel Glenn during is lifetime & were he lived at his death A:21-2

30 May 1854

paid by note to James H Leachs, agent to the heirs, due 12 mo after date
24 Feb 1860 W B Machen, Thos R Jarrett, Eliza Hill, Jacob Doom, George M Jarrett, Julia Jarrett, Mary Shadvin [?], Debora L Jarrett, heirs of estate of Danl Jarrett, decd Robeson Cobb   appoint Cobb agent and attorney to sell at public auction at courthouse door in Eddyville on a credit of twelve months the negros & lands belonging to the decedents estate B:147-8

1 Feb [Mar?] 1860

28 Feb 1860 Alfred Doom R Cobb   appoints Cobb as attorney to recover from M D Wilcox a certain livery stable and the lot of ground on which it stands B:146

28 Feb 1860

7 May 1866 John Boyd, sheriff of Lyon Co Robeson Cobb $ [blank] 00 238 ac on waters of Eddy Ck adjoining William H Heath, purchased by Ferdinand W Cantrell of James Edwards C:181-2

30 Jul 1866

in accordance with execution from Lyon Circuit Court to acting sheriff Jacob T Young 10 Jan 1861 in favor of W C Bigham; others in favor of DeDruffenrid & R B Batliff against Ferdinand W Cantrell; sold 25 Feb 1861 at courthouse door in Eddyville to grantee
8 Dec 1866 Elizabeth Upchurch & husband William P Upchurch Robeson Cobb $90 our undivided interest in tract in Lyon Co on waters of Eddy Ck, known as Edwards land, recently involved in suit in Caldwell Circuit Court of James Edwards heirs against Jas Conways heirs C:218

26 Jan 1866 [s/b 1867?]

grantor's interest descended to William Edwards decd, father of grantor Elizabeth, from his father James Edwards, she being his only heir
26 May 1868 Robert L Cobb, administrator Columbus Doom $615 156¾ ac in Lyon Co on waters of Cumberland River, beginning at white oak in Semniary line D:2-3

8 Apr 1869

will of David Doom 19 Jan 1858 called for sale; died [blank] [blank] 1859; will recorded 6 Aug 1859; named executors John Doom & Benjamin Doom declined; Lyon Co Court appointed Robeson Cobb administrator; he sold lands 25 Dec 1859, grantee highest bidder; Robeson Cobb removed, Robert L Cobb appointed 28 Mar 1864
14 Oct 1869 Thos J Cobb M L Scott $650 65 ac in Lyon Co, beginning at cherry tree on N bank of Skinframe Ck D:79-80

15 Oct 1869

$150 in cash, $200 note due 1 Jan 1871, $300 note due 1 Jan 1872, both with interest; also signed by Almeda Cobb
18 Jul 1870 Thos J Cobb James M Harver of Caldwell Co $700 9 ac in Lyon Co on waters of Skinframe Ck, beginning at hickory on S bank of that ck D:208-9

22 Jul 1870

$400 in cash, $300 note due 1 Jan 1871; also signed by A Cobb
25 Sep 1871 Thos J Cobb Wilson Ballentine $600 parcel in Lyon Co, beginning at black oak on banks of Livingston Ck near the bent ford D:561-2

31 May 1872

$340 in cash, note for $260; relinquishment of right of dower by Almeda Cobb 31 May 1782
25 Sep 1871 Thos J Cobb Henry C Cobb $800 95 ac in Lyon Co, beginning at red elm & sugar tree on S bank of Skinframe Ck above the old mill seat D:562-3

1 Jun 1873

note for $400 due 1 Jan 1872, note for $400 due 1 Jan 1873; relinquishment of right of dower by Almeda Cobb 31 May 1782
8 Jan 1872 Catherine Eades & husband Wm R of Caldwell Co Thos J Cobb $100 in Lyon Co, beginning at sweet gum in Cobb's line, same land conveyed to grantors by Moses W Grubb & wife 10 Nov 1860 D:510-1

19 Feb 1872

13 Nov 1877 Royal Bingham & wife Rebecca J Thos J Cobb $461 60 ac in Lyon Co on waters of Skinframe Ck, beginning at a cherry tree on N bank of Ck F:71-2

26 Nov 1877

witness: S G Cobb
13 Apr 1880 Rob Cobb & wife Virginia of Paducah Mrs Mary Grimmer, widow of Ferdinand Cantrell $450 200 ac in Lyon Co on waters of Eddy Ck, beginning on an elm & iron wood, to Huffman's Military line, recovered by heirs of James Edwards in suit against James Conways in Caldwell Circuit Court; also adjoining 38 ac, sold to James Edwards by Mr Dilley, recorded in Caldwell Co F:521-3

16 Apr 1880

both parcels sold to Ferdinand Cantrell by heirs of James Edwards decd, then sold to Cobb by John Boyd, sheriff of Lyon Co 7 May 1866, recorded C:181-2; acknowledged to McCracken Co clerk by Robert Cobb & Virginia Cobb 14 Apr 1880
8 Jan 1883 Charles Anderson of Kuttawa & wife Eliza Jane Henry C. Cobb $250 lot no 6, block no III in Kuttawa H:25-6

12 Jul 1883

16 Jul 1883 Henry C Cobb David P Glenn $1400 95 ac in Lyon Co, beginning at red elm & sugar tree on S bank Skinframe Ck above the old mill seat H:49-50

25 Aug 1883

$400 cash, $300 note due 1 Jan 1884, $300 note due 1 Jan 1885; wife Addie D relinquished right of dower
17 Dec 1883 H C Marshall of Kuttawa & wife Sarah F Henry C Cobb $550 lots no 9 & 10, block 3, in Kuttawa, conveyed to grantor by Charles Anderson 18 Sep 1882 H:450-1

17 Jun 1885

$100 cash, balance due in 60 days
11 Nov 1884 David P Glenn & wife Mary W & H C Cobb & wife Addie D Giles A Cobb $1200 known as home place of T J Cobb H:427-8

6 Jun 1885

$600 to Glenn & wife, $400 cash, $100 note due 1 Apr 1885, $100 note due 1 Apr 1886; $600 to Cobb & wife, $100 cash, $150 note due 1 Apr 1885, $350 due 1 Jan 1887; margin notes: lien release by D P Glenn 17 Jan 1887, by H C Cobb (by agent) 28 May 1920
17 Feb 1885 C N Byrd & wife V C of Fredonia, Geo M Graham of Marion Co, Texas, & Robert Graham & wife Sarah F of Wise Co Texas H C Cobb of Kuttawa $500 100 ac in Lyon Co on waters of Crab Ck, beginning at dead black oak, conveyed to Robt, Virginia C (now wife of C N Byrd) & Geo M Graham, only heirs of Jno C Graham decd, by J R Lyon & J M Horn, comm, 18 Apr 1809 [69?] H:448-9

17 Jun 1885

consideration paid to Byrd & wife & Geo M Graham for their 2/3 interest; Robt Graham's 1/3 interest sold to T J Cobb many years before, but deed was not recorded and now mislaid, H C Cobb since bought interest of T J Cobb Robt Graham joins to perfect title; Sallie F, wife of Robt Graham relinquishes right of dower; last 3 grantors signed by C N Bryd, their agent & attorney
30 May 1885 W B Machen & wife Victoria Henry C Cobb $200 4 ac beginning on ash tree near rail road nearly E of Hammonds Ck between rail road & Cumberland H:446-7

16 Jun 1885

land had been given to grantor's son Frank, a minor, who placed it in a partnership with son Harry, but no deed or bond was given, partnership closed & H L Machen by contract became owner & he sold it to H C Cobb & received payment & directed this deed be made
25 Feb 1886 Jeff D Cobb Giles A Cobb $500 his undivided interest in what is known as the home place of Thos J Cobb decd, on which Almeda Cobb, his widow, now lives H:632-4

28 May 1886

25 Feb 1886 Almeda Cobb, wife of Thos J Cobb decd George Kinnis $450 60 ac in Lyon Co on waters of Skinframe Ck, beginning at cherry tree on N bank of ck I:476-7

26 Jan 1891

$300 in cash, note for $150 due in 12 mo; witness: J D Cobb; lien released 4 Dec 1888
16 Mar 1886 Charles Anderson & wife Eliza Jane John Cobb $320 42 ac in Lyon Co, beginning at fallen black oak, conveyed by grantor to Henry Garrett & reconveyed to grantor I:321-2

20 Mar 1890

paid by 3 notes of $106.67, due in 1, 2, & 3 yrs; margin note: release of lien 27 Oct 1902 by Killy Anderson

The following additional deed have been found in the Deed Index (FHL No. 321359) but have not been found in the deed books:




Commissioner Cobb, H C & GA
F or G:536


Deed Book
FHL Film No.
B, C
D, E, F
G, H, I 1760258


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