Livingston County

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The records below focus on deeds involving persons associated with the Cobb family of Eddyville. I have endeavored to find all mortgages involving them from the establishment of Livingston County on 21 May 1799 until Eddyville and surrounds became part of newly formed Caldwell Co. 1 May 1809, but a few may have been missed

All parties were shown as "of" Eddyville and/or Livingston Co. unless stated otherwise below.





To Secure



27 Apr 1804 John W Troop Elijah G Galusha read cow & her calf, dark brown cow with white face & her calf, mans saddle, 10 gallon kittle, 2 5 gallon pots of iron, 10 gallon brass kittle, & 2 feather beds with furniture grantee acting as security for bond to William Miles for delivery of property seized under an Execution in favor of John Williams and William Anderson A 69-70

27 Apr 1804



Index: FHL # 318160
Deed Book: FHL # 318161


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