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The records below focus on deeds involving the following persons. I have endeavored to find all deeds involving them from the establishment of Livingston County on 21 May 1799 until Eddyville and surrounds became part of newly formed Caldwell Co. 1 May 1809, as well as other deeds involving these person in later years, but a few may have been missed.

Gideon Dyer Cobb Moved to Eddyville from Fair Haven, Vermont as part of the party organized by Matthew Lyon about 1800, with his wife Modena Chittenden Clark, and their eldest son, Caleb.
Caleb Clark Cobb Eldest son of Gideon Dyer Cobb and Modena Chittenden Clark
Samuel C. Clark Lived with Gideon, and is assumed to be a relative of Gideon's wife, but that is unproved.
Matthew Lyon Organizer of the move to Eddyville, second husband of Modena (Clark) Cobb's sister Beulah.
Elijah G. Galusha Cousin to Modena (Clark) Cobb; son of her aunt Beulah Chittenden by her first marriage.
Hanson Catlett The husband of Matthew Lyon's daughter Minerva.
George Gracey Grandfather of Francis Patton Gracey, who would marry Irene Cobb, granddaughter of Gideon and Modena..


Record of some other associates are included, along with mentions of some of the individuals involved in the transactions listed, but those should not be considered complete.

All parties were shown as "of" Eddyville and/or Livingston Co. unless stated otherwise below.








31 Jul 1802 David Walker of Logan Co. Elijah G Galusha $60 2 lots in Eddyville #49 & 50, ½ ac. each A 29-30

31 Jul 1802

29 Jan 1803 David Walker of Logan Co. Samuel C. Clark $25 lot in Eddyville #67, ½ ac., where Timothy Meruk now lives A 36-7

29 Jan 1803

witness: Gideon D Cobb
29 Jan 1803 David Walker of Logan Co. Elijah G Galusha $100 lot in Eddyville #23, ½ ac. A 37-8 witness: Wm Dobbins
29 Jan 1803 David Walker of Logan Co. Hanson Catlett $50 2 lots in Eddyville #44 & 45, ½ ac. each, where Catlett has built on and the one adjoining above A 40

29 Jan 1803

27 Apr 1804 Trustees of town of Eddyville Joseph Woods   lot in Eddyville #34, ½ ac. A 58-9

27 Apr 1804

Trustees: Robert W Connell, Enoch Prince, John W Throop, Samuel C Clark, & George Gracey
16 Jun 1804 Mathew Lyon Hanson Catlett of Eddyville $300 lots in Eddyville #81, 82, 84, 85, 101, 102, 103, 104, 105, 106 & 107 & also 83, ½ ac. each, a part of property bought of David Walker A 59-60

16 Jun 1804

16 Jun 1804 James Ivy Hanson Catlett $20 lot in Eddyville #18, ½ ac. A 61

16 Jun 1804

13 Aug 1804 Justenian Cartwright Mathew Lyon $250 100 ac. on Lick Ck near Eddyville, surveyed for the Franklin Academy, starting at Anderson's military survey A 64-5

13 Aug 1804

27 Apr 1804 John W Throop Elijah G Galusha   read cow & her calf, dark brown cow with white face & her calf, mans saddle, 10 gallon kittle, 2 5 gallon pots of iron, 10 gallon brass kittle, & 2 feather beds with furniture A 69-70

21 Sep 1804

grantee security for bond to William Miles for delivery of property seized under an Execution in favor of John Williams & William Anderson
8 Sep 1804 William Birdsong, William Mills Elijah G Galusha $46 receipt in for full payment of bond & Execution in name of John Williams & William Anderson A 70

21 Sep 1804

24 Dec 1804 George Gracey James Lyon $25 ½ ac. lot bounded by Water St., St. to the river between Chittenden Lyon and Enouch Prince's lots, Mathew Lyon's spring branch, and lot of Micheal Purkel Sr. A 76-7

24 Dec 1804

2 Feb 1805 David Davidson & wife Hannah Davidson Matthew Lyon $5 30 ac. upwards from Eddyville on Lick, a branch of Cumberland River B 107-8

27 Apr 1809

later conveyed his son Chittenden, by him to Jacob E Faller, then in settlement of court order, to Lyon & Cobb 25 Jul 1828, bk E, pp 351-3
8 Jun 1805 Trustee of town of Eddyville Hanson Catlett (place "of" not stated)   lot in Eddyville #43, ½ ac. A 103

8 Jun 1805

Trustees: Elijah G Galusha, George Gracey, John W Throop, James Gamble
30 Nov 1805 Mathew Lyon Bemjn Risley $300 100 ac. on Lick Cr, near Eddyville, surveyed for the Franklin Academy, and sold to grantor by Justinan Cartwright, starting at Anderson's military survey A 137

30 Nov 1805

8 Jan 1806 David Walker of Logan Co. Hanson Catlett of Nashville TN $1400 1000 ac. on N side of Cumberland River, adjoining Anderson and below Whitehead Columan, being the track where Eddyville is situate and established, except: all the Inn lots of said town, and all the out land grantor sold to Mathew Lyon before 5 Oct 1803 A 138-40

9 Jan 1806

8 Mar 1806 Elijah G Galusha John W Throop $100 2 lots in Eddyville #47 & 48, ½ ac. each, with three buildings A 158-9

8 Mar 1806

consideration paid by Samuel Veil; witnesses: Chitt Lyon, Wm Hamilton
16 Sep 1806 David Walker of Logan Co. Elijah G Galusha $40 5 ac. out lot adjoining Eddyville, on N side of Water St., on upper and southwest side of Matthew Lyon A 262-3

16 Sep 1806

1 Dec 1807 George Davenport Gideon Cobb & Samuel C Clark $250 lot in Eddyville #13, ½ ac., upper side of Water St. B 1

18 Dec 1807

31 Mar 1822 James Fitzhugh of Caldwell Co. Caleb C. Cobb of the same $580 666 2/3 ac. in the district set apart for officers and soldiers of the Virginia Continental Line, on Livingston Ck., formerly known as Goose Ck., beginning at upper corner of Samuel K. Branford's 400 ac. survey, to Bedinger AA 4-5

14 Sep 1822

[sold to Robt L Cobb, David R Bell & Gideon D Cobb 2 Aug 1841, Caldwell K:249-52 item #16; apparently not recorded in Livingston Co.]
1 Feb 1840 Caleb C. Cobb of Caldwell Co. Theophilus Killen $455 226 ac. on Livingston Ck. a part of 9 Jan 1823 patent to A Harpending & A.Cox , beginning at mouth of Livingston Ck. EE 438-9

6 Apr 1840

[purchased by Cobb & Machen 16 Jan 1837, Caldwell H:317-8; balance of parcel sold to Robt L Cobb, David R Bell & Gideon D Cobb 2 Aug 1841, Caldwell K:249-52 item #17; apparently neither recorded in Livingston Co.]


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Deed Books A & B1:
  FHL # 318161
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  FHL # 318163
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