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The records below focus on mortgages involving the following persons. I have endeavored to find all deeds involving them from the establishment of Crittenden Co. on 1842 through 1867, but some may have been missed.

Robert L. Cobb Second son of Gideon Dyer Cobb and Modena Chittenden Clark, born c. 1804, Eddyville, active in iron, land, finance, and mercantile, often in partnership with brother Gideon, and later their brother Giles. Later moved to Paducah, died 1875, Paducah.
Gideon D. Cobb Fourth son of Gideon Dyer Cobb and Modena Chittenden Clark, born 1818, Eddyville, active in iron, land, finance, and mercantile, often in partnership with brother Robert, and later with their brother Giles. Died 1871, Eddyville.
Giles L. Cobb Fifth son of Gideon Dyer Cobb and Modena Chittenden Clark, born 1823, Eddyville, active in iron, land, finance, and mercantile, often in partnership with brothers Robert & Gideon. Moved to Dycusburg, died 1867.

Record of some other associates are included, along with mentions of some of the individuals involved in the transactions listed, but those should not be considered complete.

All parties were shown as "of" Crittenden Co. unless stated otherwise below.





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13 Jun 1842 William Gossett R L Cobb, D R Bell, & G D Cobb, merchants in Eddyville trading as Cobb Bell & Co. large black mare, 2 cows & calves, 2 yearlings, 23 head hogs, 10 head sheep, 15 head geese, 2 beds, bed steads & furniture, cupboard & contents, growing corp of 13 ac. corn, 2 ac. wheat, 7 ac. oats, & 3½ ac. tobacco, all household & kitchen furniture, farming utensils of every description, and increase in the livestock $41.19 note dated 4 May 1843, $50 note same date, $66.43 due by account A:133

14 Jun 1843

21 Nov 1842 Stanford M Turley Robt L Cobb, D R Bell, & Gideon D Cobb, merchants of Eddyville trading as Cobb Bell & Co. crop of tobacco as it now hangs, supposed to be 5,000 lb., waggon, 2 yoke oxen, 40 head stock hogs, 11 head sheep, bay mare, 300 bushel corn oats, and fodder in crib, on clock, 3 head cattle, all my household & kitchen furniture, and all increase in livestock $67.26 note dated 6 May 1842 due one day later, and $13 same date due 8 mo. later A:73

29 Nov 1842

6 Jun 1843 John C Graham Robert L Cobb, David S Bell, & Gideon D Cobb, trading as Cobb Bell & Co. of Caldwell Co. bay mare with foal, sorrell mare with foal, bay filly 2 yrs old, mule colt 1 year old, male colt 1 yr old, yoke of oxen, 3 yr old and 2 yr old steers, 2 heifers, 3 cows & calves, 3 cows, 4 yearlings, 140 hogs including sows & pigs, household & kitchen furniture consisting of feather beds, etc., tables, bedsteads, pots, etc., farming utensils of all descriptions, & 200 bushels corn debt of $829 A:131-2

9 Jun 1843

witness: Thes Kellen
16 Sep 1844 William Gossett Robert L. Cobb & Co. of Eddyville all the growing crop of corn on his farm, about 10 ac., also 2½ ac. tobacco now housing & curing, 2 head horses, brown horse 9 or 10 yrs old, old bay horse with white on his face store account $91.44 due 10 Sep 1844 A:257

16 Sep 1844

14 Jun 1845 William Gossett R L Cobb & G D Cobb, trading partners of Cobb Bell & Co. of Caldwell Co. growing crop of corn, say 10 ac., 7 ac. oats & 3¾ ac. tobacco $50 note dated 4 May 1843 credited by $8.48, $41.19 note 4 May 1843, & account of $27.06 A:362-3

28 Jun 1845

12 Aug 1849 William Gossett Robert & G D Cobb trading partners of Cobb Bell & Co. of Caldwell Co. growing crop of corn, say 5 ac., & 1¼ ac. tobacco $50 note dated 4 May 1843 credited by $8.48, $41.19 note 4 May 1843, & account of $27.06 B:61

12 Aug 1849

15 Nov 1850 Giles Cobb, one of firm of Cobb Jackson & Co. West & Summers, Paul Tubane & Co., J Burnside & Co., & Dudley & Nelson, all of New Orleans; Thomas Smith & Co. & Tulane Baldwyn & Co., both of New York; Bancroft Beaver & Co., P M Direon & Co., Oliver Martin & Co., Martin & Smith, Dudly & Johns, Seviete Perkins & Co., Boyd & Storud, & Charles Henderson, all of Philadelphia; P F Bennett, H P Martin, B W Bennett, George D Martine, A P Brasher, of Crittenden Co,; William Smith, & W P Bennett of Caldwell Co.; R L & G D Cobb of Eddyville; Bank of Kentucky of Hopkinsville; & Francis Ford of Crittenden Co. all his interest in the goods, wares, & merchandize now on had of the firm of Cobb Jackson & Co.; and all the notes, accounts, chases in action, etc. due to or belonging to the firm goods, merchandize, etc., purchased amounting in the aggregate to about $18,000, part due now and part due shortly B:616-7

12 Dec 1850

15 Nov 1850 Giles L Cobb of Dycusburg Francis Ford lot no. 5 in town of Dycusburg with the houses and improvements on it $290 owed by Cobb Jackson, grantor is one of that firm B:617

12 Dec 1850

24 Feb 1851 G B Dycus Cobb Jackson & Co. steam saw mill now being built by grantor, with engine, boiler, saw machinery, house, rights ways, privileges lumber, & lumber made at the mill $1001 notes due 24 Feb 1854 B:726

14 Apr 1851

1 Apr 1851 George M Marshall Giles L Cobb & Charles M Jackson of Crittenden & Gideon D Cobb of Caldwell, trading as Cobb Jackson & Co. Negro woman Hanah aged about 51 years, beds, bed stids & bedding, beauro, dinner table, small table, clock, 9 Windsor chairs, 2-horse waggon, 3 plows, gray mare, sarrell mare, bay colt, 3 cows & calves, 37 head hogs $244.41 on account B:727

14 Apr 1851

12 Jul 1851 A F Dunn Cobb Jackson & Co. his crop of growing corn about 12 ac., sweet potatoes, Irish potatoes, $117.12 note 21 Jul 1851 B:813-4

15 Aug 1851

witnesses: Patt F Millanson [?], W A Duvall
21 Aug 1851 John Rodfus Cobb Jackson & Co. buggy, sorrel mare $91.41 debt B:863

23 Sep 1851

witnesses: A J Brasher, W S Harris
9 Feb 1852 P P McIntire Cobb Jackson & Co. all his coopering tools now in Dycusburg, house, lot & shop, lot no. 7 in Dycusburg, all my materials & manufactured work in that town $584.38 note this date due 1 Jan 1853, given for balance of account B:950

9 Feb 1853

7 Jun 1852 Henry Watson Giles L Cobb & Co. of Dycusburg present crop of tobacco, say 5 ac., corn, say 25 ac., 2-horse waggon, black mare, & clock $46 note 7 Jun 1852 B:1022

8 Jun 1852

22 Jun 1852 Franklin C Trice Giles L Cobb 4 young cattle, one 4 yrs old & three 2 yrs old, 15 head hogs all over 6 mo. old & their increase, present growing crop of corn & tobacco $150 in goods & cash B:1031-2

22 Jun 1852

1 Sep 1852 Geo M Marshall Giles L Cobb & Co present growing crop of corn of about 30 ac., stack of oats, one gray horse, 35 head of hogs various sizes, and one cow & calf $121.28 by account C:41

17 Sep 1852

17 Jan 1853 G W Spencer Giles L Cobb & Co 22 horses, one bay the other gray, each about 12 yrs old, bureau & all the household property about $100 due by account C:86-7

17 Jan 1853

8 Jan 1853 William Harp Sr. G D Cobb 60 barrels corn now in the crib where Harp lives, 17 head hogs $79.36 by note C:120-1

8 Feb 1853

witness: Linah M Cobb
17 Sep 1853 Elyah K Burke Giles L Cobb his undivided 1/3 interest in a crop of corn & tobacco now growing on the land owned by Nancy S Filch at the time of her death, supposed to be about 4 ac. tobacco and 40 ac. corn $156 in debts C:298

17 Sep 1853

15 May 1855 W B Joiner of Dycusburg Giles L Cobb female slave of yellow complexion named Margart bought at commissioners sale in Marion 1 Jan 1855 grantee as security in the $925 bond for purchase of the slave, payable 1 Jan 1856 with interest D:75-6

8 Aug 1855

11 Jun 1855 George M Marshall G D Cobb present growing crop of corn, wheat, rye, & oats, in all about 60 ac. $178.17 by accounts D:72

27 Jun 1855

19 Jul 1858 G W Durham G L Cobb & Co tract of land deeded to grantor by Berry S Young 28 Feb 1858 $100 note due 10 Oct 1858 and $66 note due 1 Jan 1859 E:344

26 Jul 1858

7 May 1860 Geo M Marshall Cobb Gallatly & Co of Dycusburg present crop of corn of about 20 ac., 18 ac. of oats, 8 ac. of wheat, 30 head of stock hogs, four head of cattle, cow & calf, and 3 yearlyings $200 by note and accounts F:247

21 Jun 1860


Deed books examined through book L, with records recorded in 1874, and no further mortgages were found.


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