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Mims Family

The records below focus on deeds involving the descendants of Col. Linah Mims and Rebeccah Davis, of Greenbrier Co., Virginia, who brought their family to Christian Co., Kentucky about 1818. I have endeavored to find all deeds involving them from the establishment of Caldwell Co. on 1 May 1809 through 1856, but a few may have been missed. It appears that they had no later land transactions in the county.

John H. Mims
Second son, moved to Eddyville, married there 1831, died their 1850.
Caroline Mims
Neé Cresap, wife of John H. Mims, died 1904 in Clinton, Kentucky.
Geraldine L Mims
Neé Jacob, wife of Rukus K Mims, younger brother of John.

All parties were shown as "of" Caldwell Co. unless stated otherwise below.








7 Dec 1836 John Hallick & wife Hannah Jno W. Marshall, Samuel P. L. Marshall, Jno H. Mims & Co., partners trading under style of J & S Marshall & Co $30 half of lot #68 in Eddyville H 300-1

15 Dec 1836

29 Jan 1837 John H Mims Isham E Osborn $1 117 ac. on south side of Cumberland River, part of military survey of 1000 ac. patented to Wright A Wescot, a reservation made by Osborn when he transferred to Mims Joseph R Underwoods title bond for ¾ of original survey H 336-7 second page not copied
24 May 1842 John W Marshall & Samuel P L Marshall John H Mims $18,421 in debts lot in Eddyville fronting on the levee, bounded by Main St. on N, ware house of Cobb Bell & Co & Water St on NE, John Long's lot on S, formerly owned by James W Leigh, including ware house and store house now occupied by Marshalls; strip of land from Water St. to levee commonly call the Alley; lot in Eddyville #10 where John W Marshall resides; 2000 ac. on S side of Cumberland River conveyed from William Buckner to John W Marshall 29 Aug 1839; lot in Eddyville, #8; lot in Eddyville on SW of Water St. & NW of Main St. with large brick house occupied by Samuel P L Marshall & white frame house occupied by Mims; SW half of lot #68; ferry privileges, landing & boat in Eddyville; mulatto slaves Daniel age about 40 & Louisa age about 20, negro David aged about 35, mulatto boy John aged about 16; negros girl Alice aged about 20, girl Phebe aged about 12, man Jack aged about 33, woman Mahala aged about 27 and her 4 children Sam, Mary, William & Charles, girl named Helda aged about 10; whole stock in trade consisting of goods, wares, & merchandise now on hand K 440-1

7 Jun 1842

grantee to pay off liabilities of Marshalls: Union Bank of Tennessee $5512.77; Planters Bank of Tennessee $4869.38 & $102; Bank of Kentucky $1886 & $1000; Thomas G Pettel $1322.50; Henry Machen $1000; Thomas Rankin $660; James Easly $614.48; Margaret Fowles $653.24; Thomas Parker $345; Polly Bridges $200; John P Gray $256.08 witnesses: R R O'Hara, W B Machen
21 Mar 1843 John H Mims William Henderson, John G Gains, Chas. C Gains & Stephen L Relf of New Orleans, LA "merchants & traders under the name and style of Henderson & Gains" $531.78 half of lot in Eddyville, #68, on Main St. L 36-7

20 Mar 1843

13 Oct 1843 Samuel P S Marshall John H Mims $300 100 ac. on waters of Flynn Fork, part of 400 ac. patented to Joseph Moore L162-3

17 Oct 1843

10 Nov 1843 Terry D King & wife Eleanor & William Brooks & wife Emily John H Mims $700 150 ac. on Eddy Ck. opposite Prest's Mill, conveyed by Jno W & Saml P L Marshall to Alum C Prest L 185

10 Nov 1843

15 Jan 1844 John H Mims & wife Caroline Robert R Sevick of Philadelphia"formerly of the House of Sevick & Jenkins" $700 150 ac. on Eddy Ck. opposite Priest's mill, conveyed by Jno & Saml Marshall to Alvin C Priest L306-7

14 Jun 1844

Howard Capady JP & Jno W Marsahall JP certify Caroline's relinquishment 15 Jan 1844
19 Apr 1845 Jno H Mims John Stacker of city & county of St Louis $3000 2000 ac. on S side of Cumberland River, in district set apart for officers & soldiers of Virginia State Line, patented to Walter Graham 26 May 1792 M 114-5

15 May 1845

witnesses Jno W Marshall, Samuel P L Marsahall, Mathew Gracey; Jno W Marshall & Howard Cassidy certified to Caroline's relinquishment 19 Apr 1845;
5 Sep 1845 Samual P L Marshall John H Mims $ 1357.14 1140 ac. on N bank of Tennessee River, begin 1½ miles above an island, crossing Lick Ck. M 252-3

17 Nov 1845

witnesses: Hamon B Cresap, W A Brooks
15 Sep 1845 James S Stephens John H Mims $150 60 ac. on waters of Lick Ck. begin Josiah Chandler corner to William Emus; 200 ac. adjoining above, begin Tuncuman to Riley to Mathew M 253-4

18 Nov 1845

witnesses: Jno W Marshall, Saml P L Marshall; Jno W Marshall JP & Howard Cassidy JP certify to relinquishment of wife Thirza
8 Dec 1845 Edward J Smith John H Mims $125 150 ac. on waters of Lick Ck. granted to Daniel Freer by patent 30 Jan 1837 M 332-3

16 Mar 1846

witnesses Geo W Marshall, Wm W Love
16 Oct 1847 John H Mims John Stacker $4000 650 ac. on S side of Cumberland River, part of military survey patented to Wright Nescott N 285-6

19 Oct 1847

Howard Cassidy JP & Robt L Cobb JP certified to relinquishment by wife Caroline 16 Oct 1847
8 Mar 1848 A. Jacob Geraldine L Mims, daughter of grantor $1 regard, love & affect-ion lots in Eddyville, #16, 17, 36 O 371-2

13 Feb 1850

Mrs [blank left] Jacob, wife, relinquished right of dower 17 Apr 1848
15 Apr 1848 Martha Marshall, widow of John N Marshall decd John H Mims see note release of right of dower to all real estate sold by her late husband to Mims N 375

25 Apr 1848

in consideration of conveyance of house & lot, #10, in which she now resides
25 Jan 1853 Edward N Owen, Deputy Sheriff Hanson B Cresap of New Orleans $400 1140 ac. on N bank of Tennessee River, beginning 1½ mile above an island, up the river, crossing Lick Ck Q 150-2

2 Feb 1853

under 27 Apr 1849 execution for $5512.77 less credits by Caldwell Circuit Ct in favor of President, Directors & Co of Union Bank of TN, against the estate of S P L Marshall, surviving partner of S & J Marshall, Ruben R Marshall, John H Mims, James N Gracey, Reuben OHara, & William A OHara, trading under style of Gracey OHara & Co., and H B Creasp, the tract belonging to John H Mims was sold 16 May 1849 on courthouse steps to R R OHara, who endorsed it to grantee 9 Aug 1850
11 Jul 1853 Edward P Watkins, master commissioner in chancery Martha Marshall $1350 lot in Eddyville, #10, where grantee now resides Q 456-7

12 Jul 1853

decree in Mar 1853 term of Caldwell Circuit Ct, several consolidated suits in chancery between Bryan, Rodman & Heylin, Planters Bank of Tennessee, William D Tinsley, John E Newman administrator of Richard Olive , and President, Directors & Co of Bank of Kentucky, complainants, vs. Samuel P L Marshall, heirs of John W Marshall, decd, heirs of John H Mim, and others, defendants; ordered among other things sale of lot; sold 20 Jun 1853 at court house door to grantee


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