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Each of our e-books present the essential part of one of our family websites. The websites offer a richer experience, with maps, charts, and other features not adaptable to the e-book format. They also include accounts of the families of many of the spouses of the descendants and other people associated with the family. The e-books offer portability, in that they are to be installed on a readers portable e-book reader, and potentially a more permanent format since they are not dependant on our maintaining our web hosting service.

Our e-books are offered free of charge. Because they are provided freely on the Internet, as in our websites, living people are not included in order to protect their privacy.

The books are available in two formats:

Please be sure to select the format that suits your e-book reader. Methods for loading a free e-book onto a reader very between devices. If you are not sure how to load a book onto your device please consult the manufacturer of your device or search the Internet for instructions, which are widely available.

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The Glabe Family of Central Illinois

Traces the life of Johann Jakob Glebe and his wife Anna Katharina Stein, who immigrated from what is now Germany to Illinois in 1847. The book contains their stories and those of up to four generations of their descendants— and their spouses. They and their children remained in central Illinois, but their later descendants spread to California and throughout the U.S.

John Glabe, who immigrated in 1867 and settled in Chicago, is not known to be related to the Glabes of central Illinois. His family does not appear in this book.

To download the book, choose the appropriate format for your device:

epub format – most e-readers

mobi format – Amazon Kindle


Other e-books will be added as they are published.


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